Is there a painting you love of Mark's that already sold? Do you have a specific painting you're thinking of commissioning? Mark has done many commissioned pieces and would love to discuss your ideas.

Commissioned works typically follow this process:
1) Discussion of work to be created via email/phone with Mark directly
2) Size of painting, timeline, and price agreed upon
3) Client pays first half of price
4) Mark completes the painting by the date agreed upon, and sends image of painting to client for approval
5) Once client approves, the painting is shipped
6) Client receives the painting and sends the remaining balance on the painting.

Standard sizes/prices are as follows:
8x10 - $1,300
11x14 - $2,000
16x20 - $3,700
18x24 - $4,800
**All prices include frame
*** Prices are subject to change depending on complexity.
(Other sizes can be discussed; all prices are typically determined by square inches)

Contact Mark to discuss your commission via email here: